Name: Miroslav Pukáč

Nationality:  Slovakian

Age: 30 years

Height: 200 cm

Weight: 115 kg

Life Obstacle:    Intra cranial hemorrhage – internal bleeding into the brainDamaged vertebrae C2 - C6

Instagram: @mirec_pukac



Hi Miro. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us something about you?

My name is Miroslav Pukac. I come from Slovakia, from an area called Dolni Kubín. Currently, I live in the Czech Republic, in a town called Svitavy and I manufacture glass fiber.

This project focuses on people’s stories written by life itself. What was the hardest moment in your life?

I seriously injured my head in 2014, resulting in 2 weeks spent in the intensive care unit. After so many physical examinations, my doctors informed me that I was bleeding into my brain. The prognosis was clear.  I lost coordination, suffered from daily migraines, fits of epilepsy, dizziness, vomiting, and amnesia. There was even a risk of increasing the bleeding, which could lead to death, if I lifted the slightest weight or performed high intensity activities. I spent 2 months undergoing CT scans and MRIs. However, the blood clot was located in a hard-to-reach part of my brain and was, therefore, too high-risk and inoperable. The only way I could decrease the blood clot was through mild exercise, using only my own body weight.  


So working out was your new treatment plan. How was your convalescence?

I started to exercise very carefully 2X per week. I could feel pressure and each beat of my heart in my head. It was a very unpleasant situation. After some time, I finally learned how to breathe properly and how to avoid that pressure in my head. All became stable after a few months. After 1 year, I started to exercise twice a day, 6 days a week. I was in the best shape at that time. My session always started with my legs, then back, followed by shoulders, abdominal area, and upper body.


Where does your motivation come from?

My endless inspiration comes from YouTube and videos that I can find there. My goal is to be the best version of myself.


What is your current method of staying fit? What does your workout look like? Are there any restrictions in your food or life?

Currently, my work allows me to work out 4 times per week only. I like performing street workouts in places that are close to my home and use an application called MadBarz, which helped me develop basic skills about this type of workout. Gradually, I added more weights and began working out in the gym. When it comes to my food, there are no restrictions. No restrictions of cigarettes and alcohol either.


Are there any other activities and sports you like to perform?

Of course there are. I like astronomy, geography, documentaries, music, movies, walking in nature, and my girlfriend, who is my biggest support and helps me a lot.


What would you recommend to all the people who start over again or had a similar experience in their lives?

I recommend everyone to exercise. My health issues convinced me to do something,

and now I can live a full-filling life. A life without being dizzy, without migraines, antidepressants, and a blood clot that I managed to decrease by 60%.


The Spartan Warrior team kindly thanks you for your interview and inspiration to us. We wish you the same determination and diligence like you have now.