Name: Lukas Polcak

Nationality: Czech

Age: 24

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 77

Soc. Media: Instagram @lukaspolcak 


   Hi Lukas, how are you? Could you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Hi everyone, my name is Lukas Polcak and I come from the Czech republic, from Otrokovice nearby Zlin city where I live. I currently work as a security.


What was the hardest obstacle you have faced in your life?

I was born without right upper limb and right leg, foot included. Nobody knew why. It just happened. I had to take a surgery after a month I was born. The were fixing and getting my leg ready for prosthesis. When I was one year old, I started walking but my body was struggling because I had one leg only. I fell so many times so my parents got me a prosthesis, that time it was made of wood.


How was the convalescence?

It took me a while to get use to walk properly. It was not just a walking. Riding a bike or playing football were challenging as well. Since I was a kid, I loved playing football. I remember when my dad used to teach me how to kick a ball. Even that bike, I remember it like it was yesterday. I used to fall all the time.

If we talk about the prosthesis, everything was ok. The biggest issue, even nowadays, is my healthy left leg. When I was born, everything looked that is fine, however, when time passed, my calves muscles showed that are not developed enough and it is 60% weaker then average healthy body. It brings another problems such as my foot rotation. It rotates to inner side. I have been wearing a special band around my waist to fix this problem for a long time. I also used to visit specialists for rehabs that I hated as a kid. They were using slight electric shock waves to force my leg to start rotating in a correct way. It was supposed to activate my muscle fibres. I am not sure if it helped or how much it was helpful for my body. The most helpful thing in my life was a sport.


What helped you to get over it?

I used to go swimming with my parents since I was a kid. My mom supported me all the time and I am so thankful for that. If I would not have swam that time, I would had so many health complications.  First I used to swim with my  parents, then at elementary school I was contacted by swimming coach to join their swimming team for handicap  people.  I started competing at swimming.  During 5 years I ended up as 2nd best swimmer in my category in my country.  Then in high school, I used to compete for Czech paralympic team. I was so close to be nominated for European championship, but somehow it did not work out and I stopped competing. Since then I go swimming just for fun.

Then I started working out. First outdoors performing street workouts, then gym. This passion is with me for more then 3 years and helps me to stay fit.5)    


Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration is all around us. My parents provide me unbelievable support even though my expressions don't show it. Also my friends are great inspiration . I am trying to be surrounded with ambitious, successful people that can teach me new things. I also enjoy watching movies that inspire me. I have to mention a movie called 'Peaceful Warrior'. Great source of mental strength and inspiration . Reading books or listening to the rap music from Marcus Revolt help me a lot as well. This helped me to improve my life 100% percent.


How do you stay fit nowadays?

I still work out and I try to swim regularly. I have been thinking of joining swimming club to compete again recently. So to stay fit I perform gym 3-4x times per week.


What does your workout session look like? Do you have any restrictions in food, your life?

I have a diet plan but I am not strict with myself. I focus on my sessions. I am making sure to hit entire body when I work out . Cardio session or relaxing in sauna are important for me likewise.

I have no restrictions with food. I can eat whatever I want to and unfortunately it looks like that. I just remembered I have an allergy to radish but I hate it anyways so everything is ok.

And my handicap and life? I have to think for a long time and yet there is nothing specific bothering my life. It is just small things like longer time to tie my shoes or to button my shirt. It also takes me longer time if I want to learn some new activities. I started ice skating last year. I skated every night after 10pm to make sure I will be there alone.  I can not tell how many time I fell.  I started after Christmas and finished by February. I was able to skate across a stadium without any fall (laughing)!


Do you have any other favourite activities or sport?

I love working out, swimming and playing football. I always wanted to be a football player. I also love playing a table tennis, riding a bike, basketball, pool, bowling, skaters and many more.  Sport in general is an amazing thing. Except of sport I enjoy listening to the music, spending time with friends, to be with my girlfriend, cinema, nature, and sometimes a party.   or had a similar  experience in their lives?


What would you recommend to those who experienced something similar?

 I believe that everything happens for a reason so that's why I accepted my handicap and I am trying to be positive every day.  To all who has similar problem or something different, I would love to say 'never give up'. The true warrior is the warrior who 100 times falls down and 101 times stands up. Life is a gift and it is worth fighting for, no matter what is happening.


We kindly thank you for your interview and inspiration for us. We wish you the same determination and diligence like you have until now.


I thank you for the opportunity to join your warrior team!